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Helpful Gardening Design Tips

Helpful Gardening Design Tips

Ways to Get the Best Results With Your Garden Design.

When you decide on having a garden, the design you use can have a huge impact. You have several points to consider; like making it handy for you to work in, addressing the needs of your foliage and reflecting a nice image. Your best bet is to design your plan well in advance of the project; considering all of the potential issues. We will address some of the issues regarding efficient garden plans for you in this article.

Some of the decisions you make when planning out your garden space need to be decided on in conjunction to the bones of the garden. This doesn't mean you have bodies buried in your garden -it refers, rather, to the structures that surround the garden. Some of these structures may include trees, plants or decorations; actually all of the things that may be defining. If possible, you should be cognizant of these aspects prior to picking out the garden spot. For instance, if you already have tall plants on your place; these may be used as a boundary for a portion of your garden. A great tree that will fall into this category would be an evergreen, but generally all trees will do just fine.

An English cottage garden is a good choice for someone who likes an informal design. While English estate gardens are incredibly formal, the cottage gardens are more casual and natural looking. This is also a good idea when your space is limited because cottage gardens are denser and usually use every single inch of available space. Cottage gardens don't get planted in any set style but they usually contain a wide variety of flower types. Roses and other pretty smelling flowers are usually the top choices for these gardens but they can contain herbs and edible plants too. These gardens almost always seem natural and unplanned and will even feature things like climbing vines for walls and fences. It isn't hard to use the basic idea of the English cottage garden and fill it with the plants that grow naturally within your own local area.

It's true that some people want their gardens to seem wild and natural but it is also true that some people prefer a far more structured look to things. When you want your garden to seem structured and have lines and rows of neatly tended plants, formal garden design is right up your alley. It's possible to find inspiration by looking at a variety of models like the formal French and English gardens.

Hedges can be really great when you are building a formal garden because they offer natural barriers for enclosing your plants. Tree grate Some formal gardens use topiary--a design in which hedges and bushes are sculpted into recognizable shapes like animals. Because formal garden designs require everything to be pristinely presented, they often require more work than other kinds of gardens.

You might feel you don't know very much about designing gardens, but don't let that stop you from getting started. Adding elements to a very simple garden can make it interesting. Simple ways to make your garden uniquely yours is by adding some ornaments, decorating your fence or putting in a striking centerpiece.

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